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An essential digital program for Clubs. 



Our focus is on action and change


Challenge people to understand that there should be zero tolerance towards derogatory/exclusive language and behaviour


Raise participation levels for LGBTIQ+ people in sport as a result of welcoming sporting cultures and reduce anti LGBTIQ+ attitudes


To eradicate homophobic, discriminatory and derogatory language and behaviour in sporting clubs and environments


To prevent physical/mental/emotional abuse and suicide in our

non-hetero and gender diverse communities, both in urban and rural areas of Victoria


To create safe and inclusive sporting environments - so everyone is free to be their complete selves in sport - regardless of their sexuality and/or gender


Make people accountable for their language and behaviour

Join our world-first digital program driven by AFL Players Jayden Hunt (West Coast FC), Jordan Roughead (Collingwood FC) and Tom Campbell (St Kilda FC).

Developed in collaboration with Monash University.

This program will develop your community’s ability to use their words, actions and behaviours to allow all individuals to celebrate the game they love in a manner that makes them feel accepted, acknowledged, and valued.


Then and only then can everyone play the game.

No-one likes or wants to feel alone or isolated.


The COVID-19 pandemic helped to demonstrate that human beings are hardwired for belonging. We crave acceptance and we crave being a part of a community.


That is why Football clubs are such wonderful places to be.


Football clubs need to be a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Sadly, the research undertaken by Stand Up in partnership with Monash University shows this is not the case for our rainbow community.


We need to do better.

The program runs for 20 minutes.

Your club will have access for THREE MONTHS.

We encourage as many participants to watch at the same time as possible for a collective experience.

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